For a revolution to succeed it needs to be more fun than the alternative

There’s lots of people saying their piece on the Scottish Independence movement’s civil war with some wise comments, and in the case of Ross Greer of the Greens, some less than wise comments. Even Greer makes good points but it strikes me as more like someone demanding an ideological purity in the Yes Movement with all this talks of people being ‘cast out‘ and the demonisation of ‘older white men‘ than someone writing a piece asking for this civil war to end.Greer points at others with snobbish glee and doesn’t seem to realise that in doing so he’s given the opponents of independence exactly what they want.

And then there’s no sign of this dispute ending…

Part of the problem is that there’s some on the left who see independence not just as something that needs to be done in a certain way, but that they should be at the centre of it. Or to quote Orwell, the worst advertisement for Socialism is its adherents. I want independence because I want free of the confines of the British state to create a better, fairer country for everyone. I won’t get that if we don’t win independence and we won’t win independence if we’re busy trying to make it clear that only a certain type of independence is desirable. That won’t help anyone as it won’t happen.

I, like hundreds of thousands of independence supporters are frankly, fucked off with all of this when right now there’s a clear battle to be fought and people suffering. Now,I’m not suggesting people like each other but perhaps people could put aside their own career prospects and dump the faux purity for the battle we’re in? We don’t fight as one we’ll never get anywhere and frankly for a revolution to succeed it needs to be more fun than the alternative, and right now the independence movement isn’t fun but some are offering sage advice.

Fact is the Unionists love this. They’re the only one’s who benefit from this, barring of course, the occasional media career of some fighting to show themselves more pure than anyone else. So I think people need to ask what they’re doing here. Do they really want self-determination and a better place, or do they just want to endlessly whine while allowing the real bastards to get away with what they’re doing to people right now?

2 thoughts on “For a revolution to succeed it needs to be more fun than the alternative

  1. I wonder if there’s a parallel with non-racists who voted for Brexit for reasons of localism, or legitimate problems with the EU as an institution, and were forced to hold their noses and cast their lot in with the Farages and Borises?

    “I want independence because I want free of the confines of the British state to create a better, fairer country for everyone,” is an understandable motive, and one heard frequently from sincere people on the left.

    The Orwell quote is a great one. Given the petty, selfish behaviour we see from a lot of the most strident adherents of Scottish nationalism, as well as recent events (a worryingly large minority of Scots in favour of Brexit, the Tory vote surging north of the border), I’m interested as to whether there’s a part of you that suspects a better, fairer country for everyone would be no more likely (or perhaps even *less* likely, given the scope for increased cuts and austerity) than sticking with the status quo and working for a better UK for all?

    Obviously, no one has a crystal ball, but I’m just interested if you’ve considered that possible outcome.


  2. I don’t think there’s a slightest chance of a better UK for all. THe UK by nature of what it is ensures inequality and unfairness so the only way to stop that is end it. That’s why Labour and Corbyn aren’t as radical as they seem because they’re simply tweaking round the edges.

    The status quo means Labour roll round once a generation, manage expectations, we think things are fine, and it starts over again.


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