Marvel Comics thinks you’re all idiots

Marvel Comics are having yet another relaunch where every issue is an event and that sound you hear is the sound of the collective arse of Marvel Comics falling to the floor. Their ‘Legacy‘ relaunch promises to return to the old numbering system and a more ‘traditional’ form of superhero comic. Apart from being bollocks, it’s also an admission Marvel have fucked up, and worse, they’ve been treating you, the reader, as a bumbling idiot willing to lap any auld shite up as long as it has a ‘#1’ slapped on the cover.

This is contrived nostalgia passing itself off as a creative outburst, but it doesn’t matter if the comics Marvel produce are awful, which on the whole they are. Marvel are admitting they want to appeal to old fans, but hey, you’ll be able to have a handy checklist to work out the numbering of all your favourite Marvel titles which doesn’t sap the joy from creation but it does keep fans (and dealers fed up trying to work all this bollocks out) happy.

Still, as bad as this is, it could be worse.

2 thoughts on “Marvel Comics thinks you’re all idiots

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