A pessimist is never disappointed

A year ago I was given a cautious nod that I was fit enough to travel and my cancer was nearly in remission. Today, just over a year later I’m in Glasgow having moved up from Bristol, have a job and my own place again. I’m also still recovering after sort of fooling myself that I’m just peachy when in fact I’m still not with the post-stroke recovery being something that’ll never end and my remission something dangling with a Damoclean sword hanging over me.

So with this cheery air of pessimism hanging over me I chipped off to the Beatson today for another check and to ensure my neck is still healing. I needed not to worry though a word of caution has been thrown my way in regards blood pressure, iron levels (I’m slightly anaemic), calcium levels, and whether I’ve taken on more than I can chew. This is actually a pretty good outcome as I’ve learned to go into these appointments expecting to come out diagnosed with Ebola or the plague.

The next appointment is January, but til then I’ve to just make sure I don’t do anything stupid which is easier said than done!

1 thought on “A pessimist is never disappointed

  1. That’s sort of all right, isn’t it, big boy? Take any good news you can and forget about January’s appointment till it comes around. And, as I mentioned in my last speech to conference, stay off the square slice and fried whatever. If you can, enjoy yourself, but gently.
    What about some controversial comic reviews and rants, eh?

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