Facebook deleted my post about the JFK files

During the day I’m working so sometimes I can’t read an article in full, or I want to share something with followers on Twitter or mates on Facebook. The big story at the minute are the release of the JFK files, and although I’m no conspiracy theorist I am fascinated by the JFK case. Anyhow, I Tweeted a link to a CNN article which was placed also on my Facebook page as all my Tweets do but for this one,Facebook has decided it’s spam and blocked it.

I’ve Tweeted literally thousands of articles from newspaper sites over the years. Not one sniff from Facebook but this is considered spam? Now, I’m no conspiracy theorist but Facebook are making me reach for the tinfoil here as this is frankly, a bit fucking mental so I’ve appealed the decision purely to see what sort of reply comes vomiting back at me.

Stay tuned!

1 thought on “Facebook deleted my post about the JFK files

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