Nicolas Cage on drugs

Back in 1990 Nicolas Cage was still a young actor with some great credits to his name and a reputation in exact opposite to the one he has today as a jobbing actor who will do any auld shite for the money. In 1990 he was doing the rounds publicising his new film, the wonderful David Lynch film Wild at Heart.

Also in 1990 Terry Wogan was the UK’s leading chat show host with his amiable teatime chat show on BBC One which didn’t do more than allow people to plug their latest book, film ,etc. Enter into this one Nicolas Cage on what must have been spectacular drugs…

Cage is spectacular here. This is what actors should do when asked to plug their latest film rather than blandly answer questions, but once Cage was off the drugs we were only treated to this sort of lunacy in his films as he increasingly cared nothing for his work beyond the cheque he got for being in something. This though remains a brilliant example of live telly and how you can get anything…

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