Why fan reaction to The Last Jedi shows we’re not allowed nice things

The latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, has been out now for a fortnight or so and the response has been polarising to say the very least. For every reasonable review of the film (and I’ve made it clear that although I like the film, I found it overlong among other things that hold the film back) there’s been a reaction such as this one from someone called”The Dishonoured Wolf”. Have a look.

Yeah, if you made it to ‘fat Asian bitch’ then you’ve done well. There’s another 35 minutes after that in a similar vein. Here’s another…

You can look online and find, hundreds, if not thousands of more videos like this many of which are variations of the ‘no true Scotsman‘ fallacy. For example;

 Person A: No Star Wars fan can like this film.

Person B: Actually I do and I’ve been a fan since 1977

PersonA: No true Star Wars fan can like this film because you’re a FUCKING SJW!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

There’s an aggressive, almost violent reaction against the film because of the prominence it gives female and minority characters, and while there are fans disappointed by how the film plays out not to mention the message of the film which is to let go of the past, the sheer tsunami of toxic bile is overwhelming.Any review even remotely positive ends up with the sewage of comments suggesting they (see Kevin Smith’s review for example) were ‘paid off by Disney’ or just negative, frequently violently aggressive comments such as the response to Red Letter Media’s review.

That review resulted in Jay Bauman getting death threats…

Now The Last Jedi does show a healthy contempt for ‘canon’ and fan nostalgia but the biggest issue some fans have is the fact Rey (who was assumed to have a mysterious background) isn’t anyone. She’s the child of drunks who sold her to get even more pissed.She is essentially nobody in the Star Wars universe. This came as a surprise to everyone mainly because we know everyone knows everyone in the Star Wars universe, but all through The Force Awakens there’s hints that Rey is ‘nobody’, but the point here is that there’s no such thing as a ‘nobody’. Everyone is important in some way be it Rey as the last hope of the light side of the force, or Finn as the only Stormtrooper to rebel, or Rose as the nobody who helped inspire an underclass.

There’s a theme of collectivism running throughout The Last Jedi, and that seems to be one of the things that is sending people off the edge, but it really is how about how one person can make a difference, regardless of their heritage. This leftish ideology is partly sending people off the edge but its the fact the film puts women on an equal parity with men that drives some off the edge. For some, the idea of a woman being the hero is part of some ‘global conspiracy’ to neuter masculinity or some such bollocks people who are so insecure in themselves that the idea women are equal to women makes them aggressively, even violently reject or attack anyone with opposing views.

There are good criticisms of the film, though moaning about plot holes is pretty academic as Star Wars is a Swiss Cheese of plot holes, but the Trumpesque rage The Last Jedi has provoked because it actually tries to be different is at odds with the overwhelmingly positive message of hope the film sends out and it is this message people are raging at. People are well within their rights to dislike, even hate the film, but the film is clearly being used by a core of radicalised bigots to attack women, minorities and those that don’t fall in line and frankly, the attempt to spoil things for everyone else only draws a light to their own closed minded hatred which places them very firmly on the dark side…

2 thoughts on “Why fan reaction to The Last Jedi shows we’re not allowed nice things

  1. you’re fucking severely autistic if you think that the people who don’t like the movie don’t like it because it gives people of diverse origins prominence. it’s the bad planning and insignifcance of everything ever happening.


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