Stan Lee is the latest person accused of sexual abuse

One of the things about the post-Harvey Weinstein world where #metoo shows how prevalent sexual abuse is and just how badly a large number of people are as their reputation lie in tatters. Although there are issues with the campaign it has done good, there is some concern of a new wave of puritanism, which has indeed sparked off the French, but that is to be expected…

With things being as they are it seems anyone is up for accusations of sexual abuse, with the latest big name being Stan Lee.In an exclusive by the Daily Mail, Lee is accused of groping nurses, demanding oral sex and generally being a bit creepy. Lee’s lawyers in turn have sent out cease and desist letters to the Mail, and the whole thing gets played out in public with nobody knowing the facts and with the Mail’s piece being a masterclass in supposition, hints and rumour we won’t get the truth from that fascist rag either, though at least it calls Lee a co-creator of characters like Spider-Man so there’s at least an ability to look up Wikipedia.

My point is I’m concerned by this trial by media as in a time when everyone is so polarised and as the cases of Toby Young and Jared O’Mara shows, both the establishment left and right have issues with sexism and we seem to have taken one step forward and two steps back.

If Lee is found guilty of crimes on a court of law rather than the court of Twitter then fuck him, but until he is, he’s going to be dragged into this highly charged and polarised atmosphere where everything is seen in absolutes and there’s no room for anything else & in the era of Brexit and Trump this polarisation isn’t a healthy thing for society.

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