Most Creepypastas are rubbish

Creepypastas are a pretty common thing to trip upon online. You’ve probably come across something like Jeff the Killer or Slender Man who is by far the most interesting folk monster creation of the 21st Century.

These tend to be very 21st Century stories so they’ll be based round a video game, or a lost TV show or a film, or something from the real world or fairly recent history. There are some which are splendid such as the Russian Sleep Experiment.

A lot of these stories are clearly inspired by the likes of H.P Lovecraft, Clive Barker and mixed with elements of pop culture some can be massively effective. Some however are not. Most in fact are shite.

The problem is that a good Creepypasta can run around the internet and get you or your site lots and lots of lovely monetised clicks, but when you’ve read another story with an ending that ends ‘‘and then there was LOADS OF GORE AND BLOOD AS THE PAEDOPHILE MARIO RAPED EVERYONE TO DEATH!!! The End!”.  A lack of talent is often a sign of how much gore and shock value is thrown into a story.

So there’s a handy wee video outlining the worst clichés of something that can be fantastic but is often like wading through fields of crap to get to the few islands of scary joy…

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