Come to the Edinburgh Comic Con, buy comics and maybe have an Avengers: Infinity War surprise

My blogs are going to be a tad sparse for the next week or two as I prepare for this year’s Edinburgh Comic Con which will be my first as a trader, and will be the biggest event in Scotland I’ve traded at in 24 years. According to Bleeding Cool there may well be an Avengers: Infinity War related surprise and I for one would be only too glad to sell copies of Vision and Scarlet Witch to Paul Bettany or Elizabeth Olsen.

So I’ll be a tad busy knocking stock into shape while juggling real life, but I do have a few blogs prepared and ready to go which will drip out slowly between now and the con, and do please turn up at the convention to make yourself known. I’ll look something like this…

But happier!

Also, I’ve been told today about something that’ll be available at the con which is related to my Neptune set of blogs, but I can’t say much for now. Come to the con and find out for yourselves!

I’m putting a lot of work into this, and I hope, I’ll have the sort of comics that rarely show their faces at Scottish shows like this. I’ll be setting up on the Friday and mingling on the evening, though obviously post-stroke/cancer I don’t drink alcohol, I am open to cups of tea and a nice glass of cold lemonade!

And remember, this event has nothing to do with this.