Everyone is an expert

The ongoing situation with the alleged Russian poisoning of the Skripal’s in Salisbury has become the sort of thing that if someone had pitched this to Chris Morris 20 years ago he’d have told you to fuck off because it is now utterly ludicrous. The short version is it seem the UK has been poking Russia and Putin with a stick because the idea of going to war with one of the world’s nuclear superpowers is a really smart idea.

There’s so much disinformation, lies and bullshit that any chance of the truth ever being known but this hasn’t stopped people becoming experts in chemical weapons overnight, or an astounding expert in Russian politics, or simply being Boris Johnson who every time he opens his mouth talks the most enormous rubbish. Then there’s those on the left who instinctively leap to defend Russia and Putin based on old, outdated ideology and are now leaping to defend a hyper-capitalist authoritarian

When the state of the Skipal pets are front page news, then we are through the proverbial looking glass and we are quite literally living in an Adam Curtis documentary.The point is remaining sceptical and questioning one side is fine, but the fact is there’s no way anyone can now approach this without their own biases being open and clear for all to see and this is a bad thing because it means we’re moving away from critical thinking.

But hey, if the Tories get their war it won’t really matter.

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