Marvelman: Lost Hero of the Golden Age

Marvelman is a character who has a complex publishing history, which is to be mild, a massive bloody understatement. Created by Mick Anglo in the 1950′ and brought back from the dead in the 1980’s by Alan Moore and then continued in a story written by Neil Gaiman in a story which still hasn’t been completed some 35 plus since it started.

This is a YouTube documentary that tries to cram this complexity into a mere 16 minutes. It isn’t perfect but it is worth watching for the attempt to do this in as short a time as possible while still giving it some sort of justice. It strikes me that if anyone ever wanted to make a drama about the comics industry, then the story of Marvelman lies begging to be made…

2 thoughts on “Marvelman: Lost Hero of the Golden Age

  1. I’m not totally persuaded by the assertion that Anglo created Miracle Man for the (English) actually British market, in 1967, as Exclusivas Ferma, a comic publisher in Barcelona, asked Anglo to come up with a superhero for the Spanish market in 1958, I believe. The resultant series ran for 68 twelve page issues. They are all available on CB+. Also on site are a couple of examples of Superhombre when he later was translated into Dutch as Mirakel Man.
    Actually, the stories and art were done by Spanish creators and if I had a memory that worked, or the time to look it up, I’d tell you who they were.

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