Marvel’s plan for an Eternals film is music to the ears of comics dealers

Marvel’s Kevin Feige has announced on the films they’re working on for the future is The Eternals, another Jack Kirby creation as is most of Marvel’s cinematic output, but this time from the autumn years of his career and his last big creative burst.

Heavily influenced by the work of chancers like Erich von Däniken, The Eternals was essentially Chariots of the Gods with superheroes which frankly does it an injustice as it really is a work of demented genius as Kirby threw all the ideas he’d had rattling in his his head into one big pot since his New Gods series ended too soon at DC.

Problem is it isn’t one of Kirby’s best works. Sure, it has some amazing ideas (Marvel have already used the Celestials in their films) but it really is disjointed at best, and every attempt to resurrect the title since the 1970’s has seen comic dealers stock up on what would quickly be unsold comics destined for the 50p boxes. I’ve worked for shops where vast mountains of unsold Eternals would be summits to conquer and now with one passing comment, Kevin Feige has made those comics valuable. Right now old wizened dealers are reaching for their price guns to stick a 50% plus premium on Eternals back issues.

So thank you. At this rate we might all get rid of stuff we’d thought would die with us.