I have seen Avengers: Infinity War and my first thoughts are…

First of all, there’s no spoilers, just comments so you’re safe.

Firstly I hope they’ve made Jim Starlin a multi-millionaire. There’s beats, even large chunks of dialogue from Starlin’s Thanos stories going back 45 years here.

In fact the DNA of Starlin runs deep in this film to the extent Marvel Studios give him his own special credit in the exceptionally long credits you have to sit through to get to the post-credit scene that you have to watch not just because it’s an essential bit of plot for what’s coming next, but because there’s a nice gag.

Overall the film works amazingly well but there are issues that probably will be resolved with a 4hour blu-ray cut.

Thanos is the main character here. The Avengers and their allies are along for the ride.

There’s deaths. Some of them a bit more vicious than I was expecting for a 12A so if you’re bringing small children be warned.

It is enormously entertaining and as for the length, I never checked my watch once in 150 minutes til after a quite brilliant final shot.

The trailers have lied to you. You don’t know what to expect so the less you know about the film the better.

You will have to have seen Captain America: Civil War and Thor: Ragnarok to pick up what’s going on, and yes, the latter film’s post-credits scene

As much as it pulls from Starlin, it owes a debt to Crisis on Infinite Earths. That’ll involve spoilers to explain.

The effects are great but there’s one awful bit of CGI that distracts in a crucial emotional scene.

The big fight between Thanos’s Black Order and the Vision and Scarlet Witch in Edinburgh has lots of little gags that’s only funny if you’re watching this film in Scotland.

More later but if you’ve read superhero comics for any length of time then this is essential viewing but seriously, I hope Jim Starlin goes to bed tonight on a massive bed made of money.

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