Is it okay to call Tories ‘scum’?

Ross Thompson is a Tory MP who has taken offence at a banner displayed during last weekend’s march in support for Scottish independence.

A swathe of Tories (and sadly, some in Labour leaping to back them up because this is Scotland) ranging from Ruth Davidson to lowly councillors and Tory supporters leaping in claiming the use of the word ‘scum’ in relation to the Tories was anything ranging from discrimination to a sign of how awful and appalling independence supporters are.

Now if we look at what the Tories do we can judge them; so anything from the ‘rape clause‘ , to the ‘racist van’, to welfare cuts that leave people considering suicide, to the demonisation of the disabled, to the failure of dealing with disasters like Grenfell, or the enforced deportations of people that came here to live from the Windrush generation onwards not to mention the eight years of austerity under the Tories which has seen poverty deepen and food banks become a norm. Then there’s the clusterfuck of Brexit.

So as much as I don’t support the ultra-nationalist group who made the banner, the idea of Tories getting offended by being called ‘scum’ when their policies are killing people or are themselves, so ultra-nationalist that they’ve adopted UKIP’s far right policies and ideas of ethnic nationalism. ‘Scum’ isn’t pretty but neither is the eight years of relentless misery the Tories have imposed upon people who in many cases can’t fight back because they’re too busy trying to survive under the conditions imposed by the Westminster government.

If you vote Tory you do so in full knowledge of what they are and what they do. If you’re offended by being called ‘scum’ then perhaps that twinge is the remnants of your conscience pointing out that these folk calling you that  have a point.

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