Just what is Comicsgate anyhow?

”Comicsgate” is a thing that’s been around for a depressingly long time now. A close blood relation of Gamergate, or to translate, it’s a kerfuffle organised by the ‘alt-right’ or a horrible mix of MRA wankers, white nationalists and Neo-Nazis to you and me. The short version is these people have been protesting Marvel and DC Comics for some years now to make their comics ‘less diverse’, so less black, Hispanic or Asian  characters as well as less women. Well, they want women but of the unfeasibly breasted kind.

They’ve pushed the Big Two at a time when both companies have been making serious strides into diversifying their comics to make them more reflective of 21st century society; something the alt-right see as a battleground. At the heart of this is artist Ethan Van Sciver who has been vocal about his hard right views for some time but is seemingly happy in ensuring hordes of trolls and worse descend upon people (mainly young women) to fire out reams of abuse.

Buzzfeed has an excellent article on the history, not to mention ongoing situation as the hard/far right dig in in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidency. It should be read, and before the comicsgate folk say ‘ah, women don’t buy comics’ then realise that’s a lie and they do. What the ”comicsgate” people seem scared of is change and whether they like it or not things are changing so they need to either keep up or be the rather sad, something pitiful figures raging into social media.

3 thoughts on “Just what is Comicsgate anyhow?

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