Frost and Clough

I love old TV celebrity interviews from the 1970’s and 1980’s mainly because they take their time and guests are not shilling their latest film/book/TV series/etc (most of the time) but are on chat shows to discuss their careers, or something massive that they’ve been involved in.

In 1974 Brian Clough had been sacked from Leeds United after 44 days, which later became the core of David Peace’s quite brilliant, but controversial book, The Damned United, later made into a splendid film with Michael Sheen who also played David Frost in the also splendid Frost/Nixon. In 74 the top interviewer was  David Frost, then still young, and still in touch with his journalistic roots who when given Clough as a subject to interview used all his skills to coax a remarkable half hour or so where both men are clearly the intellectual equal of each other but to watch them talk at a time when Clough was in theory at his lowest, is just stunning television.

After this both men hit their greatest achievements with Frost become a global television icon and Clough the best football manager in the world which makes this interview a joy to watch knowing what was just hanging over the horizon for them.