Another example of Ruth Davidson’s Tories racism…

The other day at First Minister’s Questions in Holyrood, the case of Denzel Darku,was raised by Labour’s Neil Bibby. Darku has lived in Scotland since he was 14, and was part of the 2014 Commonwealth Games opening ceremonies. Immigration is reserved to Westminster, so the First Minister could only express her repulsion at the Tories ongoing deportation program. The question and answer is in the video below and listen carefully.

That’ll be the sound of Ruth Davidson sitting on her hands saying nothing as her MSP’s shout ‘send him home’. Now, for people outwith of Scotland, Davidson is seen as a ‘soft Conservative’ and a centrist. A sort of great white hope against the extreme populism unleashed by Brexit or Corbynism, as well as being a protector of the British state.

Truth is Davidson is a liar. who has consistently shown herself to be perfectly happy surrounded by racists and bigots, while defending things like the rape clause and other extreme Tory policies. She’s also guilty of having her own career ahead of any principles she may have, so we have Arlene Foster coming to Scotland to head up an Orange Walk; an act so inflammatory and dripping with contempt that it’s being condemned by all apart from Ruth Davidson who as a lesbian is exactly the sort of person the Orange Order and their followers would normally despise, but as Davidson is first and foremost a hard right British nationalist she’s tolerated.

But some in the media are pointing out how she believes in nothing, apart from opposing a second independence referendum at the expense of all other ideas or policies. With it becoming very clear that she won’t ever be First Minister (barring a nightmareishly possible alliance with Labour as happens often in Scotland) she’s now got her sights set on something bigger. With Brexit looming Davidson sees herself as best positioned to slide into the aftermath so she can gain power, but at no point has the media (As a whole) held her to account. Davidson is a media construct just like Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees Mogg, and like those two she’s perfectly fine with hard right, extremists sitting next to her.

So remember when you see Davidson baking cakes that she’s not the smooth media personality that’s been created for her, and in fact, we could be getting someone very dangerous being placed in the centre of power.

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