Fandom are arseholes

Rose Marie Tran is an actress who played the part of Rose in Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi. Ever since the film came out she has been the subject of sustained, often aggressive, often racist, often misogynist abuse which has caused her to give up her Instagram.

This isn’t the first time Star Wars fans have abused an actor in the series, and it probably isn’t the last. This though has shades of the abuse Leslie Jones got in the wake of the Ghostbusters reboot, not to mention Gamergate, and more recently, Comicsgate.It isn’t a shock to trawl through some of the abuse Tran has received and see some of the names involved with those particular examples of targeted abuse crop here so what’s the point of all this?

Well, those abusing Tran will whine about ‘SJW’s’ and virtue-signalling’ while telling us that film-makers shouldn’t ‘pander to feminism’ while spouting nonsense ripped from the lungs of people like Jordan Peterson, The rhetoric is sometimes dressed in the cod-intellectualism of the ‘alt-right’ but to normal people, it’s just racist, sexist shite from often sad, even unstable people who’ve been groomed and weaponised.

So Tran deletes her Intsagram and the abusers get another small victory. This frankly, is tiring to see people being turned into victims because a section of fandom don’t like them because of their sex or race. There’s a line between criticism and satire with what’s been happening to Tran but what’s so depressing is that these people will move on like locusts to their next victim.

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