Michael Barrymore’s Pool Party

So today is the tale of a visit to the hospital for a couple of procedures I’ve not had the joy of having before and let’s just say that I’ve got plenty of cushions and ice cream at hand and the title of this blog and the following image should fill your imagination with wonderful pictures.

The problem is my iron levels. For a year now they’ve been low. Nothing horrendous to worry about but they’re normal for someone who is a vegetarian, as opposed to the committed carnivore that is myself. Some recent samples were concerning so cameras went where no man has gone before to see if there’s any bleeding, etc. Everything looks fineish for someone of my age and what’s went on with me for the last few years but those troubling samples lurk so I’m being booked in for a CT scan.

At the minute I’m not too worried, but I do have to ask as to why they didn’t do the scan before having cameras shoved where the sun don’t shine!

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