A quick 9/11 blog

Today is the 17th anniversary of 9/11. Everyone has spoken about the day over and over including myself, about how it affected them as this is the first time in history where the entire planet saw a history-altering event happen in real time both on television, and on the growing world online. There is a clear pre and post 9/11 world and the effects of that day can be tracked to the likes of Donald Trump, Brexit and the rise of extremists authoritarian cultures, ideas and concepts from the right wing, and sadly, the left but at the same time liberalism has failed having crawled into bed with the establishment.

In short, we’re in a mess and those trying to lead us out of this are few as self-interest is the order of the day. All in all the last 17 years have been awful as we’ve slid into an Orwellian state of perpetual war but everything circles back to Ground Zero 17 years ago which makes watching the raw footage of the day something I’m drawn to each and every year.

We’re a few months away from Brexit while Donald Trump drags the USA into a mess even worse than the days after 9/11, while a generation has now grown up with the events of the day hardwired into them and it dawns on me that for many people they have little or no memory of the 90’s in that weird time between the end of the Cold War and 9/11. It then slowly dawns on me that the 90’s were some sort of Golden Age; a lull before the storm as it were and I find myself wishing to return to a better time which is why many of my recent blogs focus on the 90’s.

Regardless of the reasons, I think the prospect of a better, kinder world is gone. The far right have taken their chance and extremists from all over the world have swung into action to take their one chance to rewrite everything which makes me fear of the decades ahead. I wish I could be more positive but I think the concept and idea of resistance is going to have to become common in the years ahead and I fear for what would happen should another 9/11 scale event happened in the West. So I think the one message 17 years later is to be careful of the future. We live in dangerous times.