Another example of the idiocy of Comicsgate supporters

Comicsgate is something that, sadly, isn’t going away and I’ve mentioned before of just how little its supporters know of the history and the medium of comics, and just how much they think displaying this ignorance is a thing to broadcast loudly. The latest example of this is this…

For those people casually reading this who don’t know who Scott McCloud, the short answer is he’s one of the stone-cold genius’s of comics who has written three of the essential textbooks about the medium of comics. For a lone Comicsgater though, he did some ‘lame’ comics. These ‘lame’ comics included Zot, the first American comic to incorporate Japanese manga influences and do new and interesting things with the medium.

The more Comicsgaters expose themselves to the world, the more they show that actually, it isn’t about giving people ‘choice’ but defining comics as only to be their own narrow definition which is this.

So, there you have it. These people target creators, slag them off in ignorance and shy off into the night or their own wee echo chambers when it’s pointed out they’re idiots. They’d be easy enough to ignore if they weren’t so potentially toxic for people which is why people need to stand against them. Because if we don’t the only comics we’ll get are fucking cybernetic frogs.