Where we all stand with Brexit

In the light of Theresa May realising that the position of the EU that they’ve been making perfectly clear since June 2016 and the cold, stark reality of her arrogance and failure hitting like a brick, mixed with Jeremy Corbyn’s complete failure to act as an opposition as Labour becoming a self-ingesting arse added to UKIP not even bothered to pretend they’re not a far right party and the far right as a whole waiting for Brexit Day like a five-year old waits for Father Christmas, the situation is, well, fucked.

We now face a ‘no deal’, which bluntly means if you’re poor, sick or vulnerable and can’t afford or don’t have a contingency plan then you’re going to suffer in a way that makes the last decade of austerity seem like a nice holiday.

Myself, I need a cocktail of drugs to live. If there is a lengthy disruption in the drug supply so I don’t get what I need for say, a month I’m likely to drop into a coma, assuming I’ve not had a stroke or worse in the meantime. If you’re a diabetic then after a month of no drugs you’re likely to be dead. At least we’ll avoid the food shortages or worse, the cheap disease ridden imports of meat we’re likely to get with a no deal Brexit so I’d look into vegetarianism assuming we get enough people to pick crops seeing as most immigrants that would have done that have left the UK because of the racism that’s openly flowing since June 2016.

Meanwhile psychopaths wait for the right time in Ireland, Gibraltar faces complete destruction of its economy and Scotland cannot bide its time much long for a second independence referendum. All because people in England, and specifically the Tory Party are bigoted cunts.

So we’re fucked. There may be a way out with Andy Wrightman’s court action that makes clear the ECJ can rule whether Article 50 can be revoked, but seeing as neither the leader of the Tories or Labour have shown any political will to push this avenue should tell us how fruitful that’ll be at a UK level. But here’s the thing. At some point all of this will find some form of resolution and those who caused it, or those who enabled it, and those who failed to do anything to stop it are going to be held culpable at least by history and all those lives decimated and destroyed will weigh upon them.

Til then we’re fucked.

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