A view from the wanktrench

The writer David Quantick came up with the expression ‘wanktrench’ the other day.

It’s a wonderful expression for those people stuck hard in their echo chamber that it’s become a, well, wanktrench endlessly spouting wankery for whomever can be bothered listening. This seems to be the way society is going with people spouting wankery, increasing to cuntery from their muddy digital trenches, so there’s Lena Dunham talking wank,  Donald Trump talking nothing but advanced cuntery, and of course Brexit means we’ve got folk embedded in their sticky wanktrenches firing out volleys of wankery and cuntery  from Theresa May’s Brexit means Brexit, to Jeremy Corbyn’s jobs first Brexit to whatever racist wank the likes of Nigel Farage or Jacob Rees Mogg is pushing.

So be prepared for views from a wanktrench because we’re leaving the age of enlightenment for the age of wank and yes, I’m pissed off with it all.

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