If you have a Tory friend…

It’s been fashionable of late for folk to say they’d never have a Tory friend, and this has caused much outrage with Tories who can’t see why people wouldn’t want to be friends with the rape clause, Trident, austerity, supporting likes of themselves. I mean who hasn’t been monged to fuck on coke when you literally have the fate of millions in your over- privileged hands?

When one looks at a Jacob Rees-Mogg, Ruth Davidson, Boris Johnson, Ross Thompson, Michael Gove or Theresa May its easy to see inhuman monsters often hiding behind a carefully constructed media profile designed to hide what they really are, because they often are monsters. If this seems hyperbole, ask down your local foodbank or your disabled neighbour what they think of what the Tories have done. Contemptible people deserve all the contempt they deserve.

Yet there’s something wrong about people closing themselves off to those of the right who aren’t lunatics. The old social conservative types who still exist who don’t vote for the modern Tory Party, or indeed anyone that doesn’t derive from whatever form of political and idealogical purity drives you to fight potential allies or friends rather than the Tories. People need to be exposed to a variety of views and opinions, and sometimes you may be friends with people who have opinions different to yours or mine, but we should be able to talk to them without closing them off, climbing into safe spaces or failing to actually understand the basic rule in life that people think differently but they’re still people like all of us.

That said, there’s no excuse for extending the hand of decency to Tories. They gave that right up so it’s perfectly fine not to be friends with Tories, but not to just burying yourselves in your own personal echo chamber.

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