Brexit is fascism

There’s a recently released video essay from Ian Danskin about fascism, in particular white fascism, which is probably the best explanation of fascism you’ll see. It even makes clear the difference between the form of nationalism based upon self-determination and the type of nationalism that, well, Brexit has encouraged which is a form of British/English exceptionalism that plays on the myth that the British/English are a great race who haven’t been conquered who will win this fight with the EU because those pesky Europeans need us more than we need them.

If you think some of that is nonsense then look at comments from people like Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and even buried in the rhetoric of the Lexiters (left wing Brexiters) are lines about ‘our people’ and this romantic, nostalgic vision of an English/British past (that never actually existed) that is of course, utter bullshit.

And that’s where we are. We have government, the official opposition, large chunks of business and a large section of the electorate supporting this because they think the pain and chaos coming will be worth it for whatever’s coming. There’s no plan or concept of how to make this work; it’ll just happen and voilà, we’re in a Golden Age where ”our people” will be free to make our own choices free from worrying about what Johnny Foreigner thinks.

This of course, is bullshit. All we’re seeing now is parlour games as Tories and Labour slap fish in each other’s faces while in the background the threat of chaos like we’ve never seen in peacetime is dismissed or ignored. Never has a country made itself mad like this but this is a once in a lifetime chance for the far right to rise and human rights to become a thing of the past. People’s actual concerns about a democratic deficit has been used to help facilitate this, but ultimately those who did vote to leave to get their voice heard will be among the first hurt badly by this act of self-destruction.

Brexit is fascism. We need to fight it because there’s no way to stop what’s coming afterwards without stopping Brexit.

19 thoughts on “Brexit is fascism

  1. Well Amanda one far right commentator accused me of only being interested in fascism if it was carried out by white people. That commentator then went on to post about the Handschar battalion because of the well know propensity for the Former Republics of Yugoslavia to be full of non-white Europeans.

    I will leave you to think about who is kidding who.


  2. It must be so easy to just blame the evil whities for all your little perceived problems instead of having to think about real things


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