Enjoy your no-deal Brexit everyone

In among all the faux outrage about Jeremy Corbyn calling Theresa May ‘a stupid woman‘ (as obvious as it is, the same people being OUTRAGED stood silent when Tory MP’s woofed at female MP’s, or MP’s told colleagues to fuck off, or ‘go home’ in the case of Ian Blackford recently) it may have passed you all by that the clock has ran out. The no confidence motion presented by SNP/Lib Dem/Plaid/Greens hasn’t been backed by Labour, and May is pushing on planning for a no-deal by planning to drop the armed forces on the streets to ‘help’ with the chaos that comes out of leaving the EU with nothing.

We are basically fucked. The ‘meaningful vote’ is window dressing so with there being no time in the New Year to arrange a second vote, or a general election we face a no-deal like an oncoming train. People can’t say this chaos wasn’t predicted as we face the very real possibility of everything we know ceasing to function overnight all because some wankers don’t like Polish being spoken in Tesco’s, David Cameron’s weakness and the fact both main Westminster parties are happy pandering to the aforementioned wankers because they’re putting party first.

Barring a small miracle we’re fucked and for some people out there this is their last Christmas because a decade of austerity mixed with Brexit means more needless deaths.

Good luck everyone. We’re going to need it.

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