Brexit will kill people

I’ve said before as to how Brexit will kill you, and as he enter the last weeks before the UK leaves the UK, it becomes clearer that any form of Brexit is going to cause disruption. It already is, and people are losing jobs as companies scale back, or worse, go out of business. That isn’t even including those companies or even countries, that have scrapped plans to invest in the UK because of Brexit. Then there’s the fact immigrants no longer want to stay or come so the UK’s working population grows older, and we lose not just skilled staff & the taxes these people paid, but we lose friends, partners, lovers and fellow human beings chased out of a country which no longer welcomes them.

Which brings us to today. Brexit is becoming a hard reality for people now as this thread outlines.

There’s a young woman terrified of what may happen to her, and the chances of people quite seriously dying, or seeing their condition worsen to the level where they’re made invalid for example.  If you read the comments under the Tweets you’ll find Brexiters, from the right and the left, calling this ‘Project Fear’, or airily waving their hands saying they’ll be fine of course.

Truth is, unless you’ve managed to score yourself your own supply of drugs nobody is safe. Disrupt the ‘just in time’ supply chain with no plans to replace it and you’ll have shortages, plus the practical thing of actually getting drugs into a country which can’t process vehicles into its borders because Kent’s turned into a giant car park.

Of course all of this is still avoidable but neither Tory or Labour leadership have any intention of changing path from Brexit so unless by some shocking surprise May’s deal passes, we’re leaving theEU with no deal and the shit will hit the UK over the month of April, probably longer as it’ll take months, realistically years to even try to repair the damage. People are losing jobs now, and come leaving, lives will be lost.

So every single MP who voted for Article 50 to be invoked when the UK had no plan or idea of what it wanted out of an exit deal except it rejected the EU’s four freedoms, specifically freedom of movement.We’ve got to face the reality that at that moment the only deal available to us would have been an awful one, but we had no give in these negotiations. We weren’t prepared to compromise and with the EU making it very clear there’s no renegotiation of this, we’ve got to deal with the no deal that’s coming. And that’s why every MP who voted for Article 50 to be invoked, and every commentator cheering that on is going to have not just the wreckage of people’s lives on their hands, but blood. Fuck ‘the will of the people’ or ‘we were whipped’ or any other of the cowards answers. People voted for that knowing well it was an awful decision but abdicated their duty to protect their constituents

Remember, all of this is avoidable.All of this is insane. All of this is being forced upon people in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar who all voted against Brexit. All of this born in xenophobia and a weird form of British exceptionallism that sees England or a mythical form of Britain, ruling the world or being a major figure but there’s no empire left to ravage Seeing as we’ve shown we can’t be trusted, we’re not going to be ‘forging a new and special relationship’ with the world that especially benefits us.

With less than three months to go, we’re increasingly fucked. Things may change, but I doubt it so be prepared and be ready for what’s coming, and remember when the smoke clears to hold those people responsible to account for the damage they’ve done.


2 thoughts on “Brexit will kill people

  1. It’s interminably depressing. And for the likes of me and my wife (moved to France 12 years ago) we still have no idea where we stand (the UK government says we’ll have all the rights we have now – but they won’t commit in writing). It’s a regal shit show.


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