Brexit breakdown continues

So Theresa May survives a vote of no confidence after her historic defeat last night in the Commons over her deal for leaving the EU. In short, the worst, most incompetent Westminster government in my lifetime remains because the worst, most incompetent official opposition has only started taking the fight to the Tories, and the DUP keep May afloat by scooping up large sums of budget while ensuring the Northern Irish government remains disassembled.

Where we stand now is that May will meet with Corbyn, Blackford and other party leaders in an attempt to hammer out a compromise. I feel it is my duty to remind people that the Scottish Government presented a compromise, and indeed, the basics of a plan back in December 2016 which was rejected sight unseen by the Tories.  There is also the fact that unless the UK drops some of its red lines the deal which was rejected is the best deal we’re getting, and we’re heading towards a no deal unless enough MP’s in the Tories and Labour join the fairly unanimous support for a second EU referendum from the other parties. However May won’t budge and Corbyn has a history of not once changing his mind politically so in short; we’re fucked.

Which is another good time to remind people of this.

So, just over two months til we leave. Good luck everyone and remember to stock up on tinned goods…

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