Little moments of approaching chaos and fascism

Many of you would now have seen the pictures from America of a group of red-hatted teenagers surrounding a Native American protester on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial while chanting ‘build that wall’ at him? The story, and images, are here as I’m not going to give the wee bastards who did this more coverage outwith of them being called out for what they are.

Also this weekend there was a carbomb in Derry. Old tensions are coming to the fore again as Brexit weakens the Good Friday Agreement, and indeed there’s a number of people drooling  at the idea of society’s boundaries being put to the test as what was once deemed abnormal is increasingly normalised as after all, Nazi Germany didn’t appear fully formed when people woke up one morning.

Now I’m not saying we’re heading that way, but we are heading (in the US, UK and several other nations) towards a hard right (though there’s a growing left) authoritarianism and on the whole we’re sleepwalking towards a harder, more fractured society yet we’re not up in arms against the people, and organisations, facilitating it? We appear unable to learn from history or to have the moral or intellectual courage as nations and people to fight what can still be stopped.

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