Only a fortnight til Brexit…

Theresa May is clinging onto power by the bones in her worn-out fingers. Her party is in tatters. Various figures plot to oust her whenever they can and the extremists of Brexit in her party lose what little patience they have as they see their chance to have what they think is the logical end of what Thatcher started in 1979. Meanwhile the party is riddled with racism, bigotry and cronyism. There’s no way back for the Conservative Party.

Jeremy Corbyn is desperate for power. So much so he’ll throw the vulnerable & immigrants under the bus in order to avoid backing revoking Article 50 which is now the only way out of this without causing more serious damage but is clearly a Brexiter who sees leaving the EU as the logical end of fighting Thatcherism. Meanwhile the party is split, and riddled with racism. There’s no way back for the Labour Party.

There’s two weeks to pull the plug on a ‘no deal’ which means we have to have something or we default to no deal and leave on the 29 March in chaos. Now the EU may give us an extension til the end of May or June but nothing longer. Of course anything can happen over the next fortnight but basically we’re fucked and both main Westminster parties have led us to this point as both want Brexit based upon outdated nostalgic visions of the past and history will not be kind to any MP who voted for Article 50 to be invoked not just without a plan, but without even caring there was no plan.

So in short; we’re fucked.