What the Christchurch shooting tells us

By now we’ve all seen the news and reports from Christchurch in New Zealand where nearly 50 people have been murdered by a far right neo-Nazi who’s name I won’t give anymore publicity to because in case you’ve missed it, here’s Charlie Brooker to explain why naming the Nazi killer isn’t a great idea.

But outwith of the killer who else is responsible for this massacre? Well, there’s the usual types screaming ‘LONE WOLF’ in order to deflect from their culpability in this, which of course isn’t the sort of things they’d do if this had been an Islamist which committed these killing rather than a white supremacist.

Islamophobia may now be treated with the same seriousness as all other forms of bigotry, and it may be a case that politicians like Donald Trump or Boris Johnson be held accountable for helping create a feeling among some that Muslims aren’t just ‘The Other’ but are disposable. Shouldering some of the responsibility falls also upon the commentators like Melanie Philips or Ann Coulter who’ve made a career out of hatred, while far right lunatics like ‘Tommy Robinson’ and Nick Griffin can feel warm that their campaigns in Rotherham have ended up with the consequence of ‘for Rotherham’ being written on one of the magazines the killer carried with him during the massacre.

Then there’s the British papers which have daily spun this sort of filth out for over a decade and a half.

It isn’t just the right to blame. The woke-bros on the left chipping in saying antisemitism isn’t as large a problem as Islamophobia are doing so knowing full well Muslims and Jews are the targets for the far right, plus these people’s rants falls right into the pyramid of hate.

Take a long look at that pyramid. We have politicians doing things which fall midway up the pyramid and things still haven’t been improved since Friday as the BBC invited on actual white nationalists to spout their shite unopposed.

The PM, government and people of New Zealand are showing the way here with an instant crackdown on guns plus taking care of the victims while making it clear this is not what New Zealanders are. This, sadly, won’t be the last such shooting but until we as a society accept Islamophobia is a massive problem and deal with the prominence of it in our culture and society then we won’t learn. It needs to be challenged, and we need to fight the increasingly powerful white nationalists which are gaining power and control or we’ll never see this war stop.