One last act of defiance a week before Brexit…

A week to go. Theresa May has set everyone against each other. MP’s are either looking over their shoulders in fear of a far right attack, or are joining in with the increasingly authoritarian tone which is shaping this government, and indeed, the entire Brexit project. Meanwhile the leader of the opposition fails to oppose and the actual referendum itself was clearly the work of corrupt powers and dark money but we’re somehow locked into a death spiral by it because nobody in power has the courage to revoke Article 50 and end this lunacy.

So with the leadership of the Conservatives and Labour proving useless it has turned upon the people to protest by signing a petition to revoke Article 50. It isn’t much but right now but as I type this there’s 1.5 million signatures for a petition that’s been up 24 hours.

Sign here to add your name.

Click here to see how the petition is doing without causing stress on the servers.


Please sign. If we can get this into the millions then we can hopefully force our MP’s to act for the good of us rather than drive us into a cliff.

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