The day after the People’s Vote March

Yesterday either a million or two million (depending on your source of information) marched through the streets of London united against Brexit. It was an astonishing coalition of left, right and centre which we’ve not seen since the march against the Iraq War in 2003 and from the air is a massive thing of awe.

What though did it achieve?

For one it broke the myth of ‘the people’ support Brexit that Theresa May and a number of Brexiters push, and push hard mainly because they know deep down the harm Brexit is causing and will cause for likely a generation. It’s a deeply authoritarian concept designed to keep down dissent so yesterday showed wonderfully how to peacefully protest and make the point that we’re not going to take this without a battle.

It also clearly rattled the two main Brexit parties as both Tories and Labour have tried hard to deflect from yesterday’ march with the Tories launching another leadership coup with the horrific idea of Michael Gove as leader, so therefore Prime Minister and Labour doing their best to ignore Brexit even exists as an issue as has been the case far too often over the last two years.

Truth is the aftermath of yesterday won’t be told today or tomorrow but if 2003’s protests are anything to go by then the real effects won’t be seen for some time yet, but a million people at least protesting in the streets changes things, and if you think these people are on the wrong side of history may I remind you again of 2003 when the protesters were well and truly proven right.