Brexit Day!

Today was supposed to be Brexit Day when the UK left the EU. IT wasn’t but that didn’t stop an assorted crowd of hard to far right protesters piling into London who have been attacking journalists, threatening MP’s and drunkenly cheering on ”Tommy Robinson”. In sharp contrast to last Saturday’s march against Brexit today has been a travesty, but it’s also a sign where things are going as neither the Tories or Labour are going to stop Brexit so these people are going to grow stronger and stronger.

If today hasn’t convinced you that Brexit is mainly fuelled by white ethnic nationalism (and Will Self says here) then you’re probably part of the problem & the problem is that for over a decade the political debate in England has been racist and anti-immigrant. That collided with the fight against the EU and this mutant hybrid shat itself into existence, and because of David Cameron’s pathetic weakness we’re now fucked.

This cannot go on but it will, and a country which should have backed the fuck off after the murder of Jo Cox instead threw itself into the swamp dragging the other countries of the UK with it and all the worst evils of Unionism (both the Tory version and Labour’s version) are smeared for all to see. There was even representatives of the Orange Order involved with today’s protests/riots.

Not all leavers are racists. Many wanted relief from crushing austerity which had started in 2009 under Labour and ramped up by the Tory/Lib Dem coalition.They were used and lied to by millionaires like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg but now they’re being driven into the arms of the far right  because the Westminster democratic process has collapsed. Both government and opposition have failed with nobody having the balls to revoke Article 50 and stopping what’s the most damaging thing to happen to a country in peacetime.

Today the far right grew stronger and we should all be worried because this isn’t funny. It never fucking was but today your eyes should have been opened and you have to join the fight against Brexit because otherwise in a fortnight’s time we enter a very dark place indeed.

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