When will Brexit end?

It is the last dying minutes of a universe torn apart by entropy. Most energy has been depleted. Super-intelligent species have transformed themselves into beings of pure thought to explore the multiverse leaving their home universe behind to die a peaceful, but slow death. Those great burning balls of fusion called stars blink out faster and faster as the end becomes closer and closer. Darkness and the void wrap themselves around world after world with what few inhabited ones left now populated by either devolved throwbacks or people resigned to their fate. All is ending.

Meanwhile in one corner of one of the few remaining galaxies there’s a small blue/green world. On that world the by now fully cybernetic Theresa May attempts to push her Brexit plan through the parliament of the UK and the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn (now just a disembodied head in a flying jar) is still adamant that ”now is not the time to revoke Article 50” just as the last slivers of the last light from any sun sparks across both of their faces.

And as the universe ends you may think Brexit will have finally ended but no, the faecal remains of Nigel Farage has infected another universe where Brexit continues on and on and on and on…

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