Come to the Edinburgh Comic Con and buy lots of lovely comics from me

It’s that time of year again as the Edinburgh Comic Con comes running towards us to break up the misery of Brexit and the fact I’m fighting off a dreadful cold. Thankfully most of the work is done and this year Neptune Comics will be in the same place as last year but expanded with lots and lots of goodies from the Golden Age through to the Silver and Bronze Age and today.

I’m even going to fanboy over Kevin Nowlan who’s an artist I’ve loved for a long, long time. Assuming I get the chance to as I hope the show is as busy as last year so come along. They’ll be tickets on the door as the event is sold out of advance tickets and come buy comics and have fun at Scotland’s best large comic con.

4 thoughts on “Come to the Edinburgh Comic Con and buy lots of lovely comics from me

  1. I’ll be there but the weather doesn’t look good and I can’t be arsed standing in a queue getting wet. So it’s a cafe for me till the crowd gets in. Coffee in the warm and dry and some comics to read will do fine for a while.
    Golden Age? OOOOOH-ERRRR missus. I don’t suppose one of them will be a Black Terror #1? Even a BT #2, cos I don’t have either. FAT CHANCE!

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