Into the Black Hole

There’s the fact we’re living in dark, anti-intellectual times where idiots like Donald Trump or Nigel Farage drag their collective arses over the face of humanity, but every now and then something wonderful comes along to remind us that actually, if humanity gets its shit together it can do astonishing things. The fact we now have actual images of a black hole in the centre of another galaxy is one of these things that should send waves of awe flowing over you because this is astonishing.

This amazing video outlines briefly just how we managed to turn the Earth into a giant telescope to view something that is 55 million light years away which is a measure of time as well as distance, so we’re taking a close-up of something 55 million years ago when humanity was but a distant possibility.

The possibilities of science really is endless but the mundane nature of humanity holds us back. These small glimpses of possibility though remind us of what we can be.

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