Racism on the BBC

It’s been a funny 24 hours for the BBC and racism. Firstly they sack Danny Baker for a racist, and ridiculous Tweet. On a roll, they decide then to give Nigel Farage a free for all on Question Time to push his sub-Mosley line in modern fascism and today on Politics Live, Andrew Neil (well known Tory) interviewed Ben Shapiro, an American ”conservative” (hard to far right in English) commentator in the USA famous for mainly calling lefties, ”snowflakes”.

In the interview Neil pretty much destroys Shapiro exposing him as a brittle, bigoted narcissist. Most fun of all Shapiro accuses Neil of being a biased lefty which is hilarious. Watch it all, it’s astonishing viewing.

This might be fun, but the question needs to be asked as to why the BBC are giving yet more airtime to someone from the hard, to far right and although this time he was sent away with his tail between his legs,there’s been dozens of times people like Farage were allowed to speak unopposed¬† At this time when extremists are gaining so much power it is the job of the media to hold people like Shapiro to account, which happened here but the reason this is standing out as this is a rarity.

Expect normal service to resume tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Racism on the BBC

  1. This kind of rhetoric is what’s wrong with society today. Condemning far leftism does not mean someone is far right, and conservative is not synonymous with far right. Those are insults used to deflect rather than address the actual argument someone has put forth.


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