How scary is what’s happening with The Brexit Party?

For all of Nigel Farage’s obvious faults it would be churlish to deny that The Brexit Party has become a real force in an amazingly short time. Of course the BBC and ITV have given the party zero percent scrutiny but Sky News produced a quite astonishing, not to mention, scary report on Farage and the Brexit Party which should be watched by people struggling to understand what’s happening right now, and give those thinking there isn’t anything worse coming some pause for thought.

There’s a new Tory leader coming who if it isn’t Boris Johnson will still be an ultra-right wing Brexiter who will not only take the UK crashing out the UK,  but to preserve the future of the Conservative Party, will reach to Farage who will become part of the Tories. It would also not shock me to see him given a cabinet position as the Tories need to do something to stop their party from literally dying off and tapping up Farage ensures it survives in some bastardised form. Of course old school right wing conservatism will be dead to be replaced with ultra populist ethnic nationalism but the party would prevail.

But this is a possible future. Right now with the European election results due to be counted tonight, Farage will swing to victory in England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland will reject him. The UK’s politics continue to fracture.

So watch this Sky report as it’ll be one of the few times Farage is held to account because the fawning starts.

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