The horrible commodification of Glastonbury Festival

One of the things about late capitalism is how everything, and I mean everything can be commodified, gentrified and repackaged in a way where the end goal is to sell you shit or encourage you to make others money. Most of us accept this as part of living in a developed society but every now and then some example of this comes staggering into view to remind us that there’s something unnatural about what’s being done to to which is essentially pitching to you under the guise of giving advice with YouTube being rife with fresh faced teenagers and 20-somethings dishing out advice with cries of ‘hit that bell’ and demanding likes.

Of course people need to make a living and some YouTubers are entirely upfront in what is a massive industry assuming YouTube don’t strip your ability to make money from your videos, which they are doing to people, but they are leaving hordes of videos which are essentially just advertorial.

Which brings me to this video.

It’s harmless enough. The advice about umbrellas is a nonsense and the Millennial tweeness is sickly, but here’s Glastonbury Festival fully absorbed into late capitalism and that great anti-establishment event becomes the mainstream it always stood against. Now to be fair, it has been like that for a good 15 years at least and this year I’m looking forward to enjoying the festival as much as I did my first 27 years ago.

However the rush from multiple parties to commodify every aspect of the festival from the beers you drink to the best toilet paper to wipe your arse with is depressing. These videos are essentially harmless on their own but combined they create a white noise that can’t be avoided.

But with three weeks to go I’ll be looking forward to creating my own festival, hopefully free of being sold to just for five days…

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