Why framing comics is a very bad thing

First of all I need to make it clear I’m equally contemptuous of the practise of slabbing comics like this.


Slabbing comics is an expensive thing and deeply controversial thing in the industry but sneaking under the radar is the practise of framing comics for display, or for sale.  Like this for example.

Spiderman Wall

Comics are a medium and art form. They’re also meant to be enjoyed, read and appreciated and I’ve no issues with framing say, a print of a cover or page. Done it myself and done it with original art in good quality frames placed in rooms where it won’t be bombarded by light and can be shown off well.

Putting a comic in a frame not only devalues it financially, but also artistically because a comic is meant to be read. It’s part of what it is as an object and an art-form. Putting it in a frame (or slab) takes the purpose for what it is created away from it. Yes, stick a print up is fine because it’s a print, not a comic but put a comic in there and you devalue you it in every possible sense. Sure, you might enjoy looking at it and it looks cool but try to recoup your investment (And some of these framed comics sell for silly money) with a dealer and you’ll be left confused and annoyed because the minute you stick it under the glass, the value sinks.

So get a print. If you really, really, really want to frame your comic be aware of what you’re doing because you’re sticking your comic in a plastic bag trapped in glass, which when explosed to light, means you’ve trapped it stewing in acid. Good luck!