You all need to start watching Echo Rose

In this day and age free entertainment/media is becoming a scarcity. YouTube tends to be the last frontier for that, and even then actual quality entertainment is even rarer because the majority of original content on YouTube is shite. So for something new and original to come along and for it to be a rabbit hole of multimedia is a joy, as it is to catch it relatively early on in the process is a delight.

An ARG stands for ‘alternate reality game‘. It’s been around online for ages. The earliest example many people will know is the multimedia tie-ins to The Blair Witch Project, but recently Stranger Things 3 did one but chances are you’ve come across one but didn’t realise what it is. Which is the point. YouTube has a load of awful ARG’s but some great ones have been there in mainly the horror genre, and in fact, there’s a load of great horror out there like Marble Hornets, Petscop and Daisy Brown and its that latter one which stood out as a pretty stunning original work, which although cheap, had aspirations beyond the limited budget.

Echo Rose (or Nettlebrook) contains the same actress who played Daisy Brown, and she’s very, very good. Here she plays the 20 something drop out from New York who has moved to a small town to make a new life for reasons we’ve not been given yet. She starts a vlog, and it is pretty much what you’d expect in its inanity of day-to-day 20 something life. All of it is beautifully observed, and all of it is fake.

This was the first video, and from here it is truely a rabbit hole of YouTube channels, and social media as an increasing creeeping horror grows as it slowly becomes clear something else is going on in Nettlebrook.

I was alerted to Echo Rose thanks to this video below which also gives you a recap of where we are now, which is still early days in ARG terms, as most ARG’s run a year or more.

I won’t say much more apart from there’s a hard to find video which was deleted that’s pretty essential to the plot, which is below.

Everything else can be found via that first Echo Rose video so get on board now as this is a group of talented people turning out slow building horror and as said, this is early days so you should only be down the rabbit hole for a few hours. Good luck!

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