A quick word about 9/11

Today is the 18th year since the 9/11 attacks in America. It has dawned on me that for a generation of adults from 18-25 have no real experience of the event itself being too young for it to register, and also they have no idea of a world where the global situation wasn’t as chaotic as this. Yet at the same time they’ve been shaped by those images of 9/11 easily found on YouTube and elsewhere so for me it isn’t a coincidence that things like found footage horror is so popular when much of it looks like footage from that day.

The thing about being glued to the TV that (the internet on that day was up and down, so messageboards were the only real way to pass on what little information there was) all it really was that first night was talking heads basically being stunned.

BBC switched into doing what they’re good at, ITV was a confused mess and Sky was a shitshow thanks to Kay Burley. This though was our transition from the 20th century to the 21st. It made all of us who lived through any of the Cold War, and who saw the end of that thinking the days of terror were over that it was back but this time we had no idea of where it’d lead us.

As it is it’s led us to Donald Trump, Brexit, a bloodbath in Syria, Yemen and much of the Middle East as well as an unending war in Iraq and Afghanistan as it slowly dawns on us we’re living in the sort of future dystopia we thought we’d never live through in our middle age.

So maybe it is better to be young enough not to be burdened by the memories of when there was a better time, or at least a time less fucked than this one.