The genius of Jaime Hernandez

Jaime Hernandez is basically, a comic genius. Along with his brother Gibert they’ve been producing Love and Rockets for four decades of consistanly brilliant comics. His main story is called Locas, the story of Maggie, Hopey and a bunch of Californian Punks and misfits  but unlike mainstream comics, these characters grow old, so for folk of my generation we’re around the same age as Maggie and Hopey as they struggle with middle age.

Hernandez also drew one of the best comics covers of all time with issue24 of Love and Rockets.


Recently Hernandez completed an interview for Jim Rugg and Ed Piskor’s YouTube channel, and it is an interview fans should watch as it really is fascinating.

Most of all though you need to buy Love and Rockets trades and catch up with one of the best comics ever produced.

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