Boris Johnson is a lying crook

The UK supreme court ruled that Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament is illegal, and that the Prime Minster lied to the Queen for his reasons for suspension. In short, if the UK was a functioning, adult democracy then right now Johnson would be hounded out of Downing Street, out of public life and probably facing some form of prosecution for not just what he’s done since becoming PM, but his role in Brexit.

But we don’t have a functioning democracy. So Johnson will sail on by playing up the ‘the establishment are trying to block YOUR Brexit’ to Brexiters, while at the same time desperately making a deal with Nigel Farage so the Tory PArty can win the next election.

Which they will because all of us in our wee echo chambers celebrating today don’t realise just how determined Brexiters are, and the thing is, they don’t give a fuck. They want everything to burn if it gets them the Brexit they want.

So we’re fucked but at least for a while we’re in a place where we’ve got some sort of hope…

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