Why this election is the toughest we’ve ever faced

Yesterday I spent an hour or so in George Square here in Glasgow at the latest Scottish independence rally with about another few thousand or so people.

If you live in Scotland and care for an inclusive, internationalist Scotland that reaches out to the future then independence is the only way we’re getting that, and the only way we’re getting independence is via the SNP.  Now, I don’t like how the SNP have become complacent, plus how many more recent members don’t have independence as any sort of priority. Neither am I impressed by the woke brigade who are comfortable enough to demand some sort of unobtainable purity than gain independence and change things then.

Vote Labour in Scotland then you vote for a party that rejects an outgoing view of the world and will rather people in Scotland suffer under the Tories forever than making its own choices. Vote Tory in Scotland then you’re advocating the worst of the worst being in power. Vote Lib Dem and you vote for Tory enablers.

But across the UK, things are tougher. Voting Tory isn’t an option unless you’re a hard/far-right Brexit supporting racist loon. Voting Labour means turning a blind eye to their issues, including the antisemitism of the type once quarantined in the SWP but is now rife. Both main parties offer nostalgic, backward-looking visions with their own versions of Brexit which will wreck us all for generations. Voting Lib Dem gives Jo Swinson the sort of power Jo Swinson should never have, assuming she wins her seat back which is shaky at best.

There’s so much riding on this election. I’m now of the mind that Brexit will happen, and in fact, has to happen or there’s no way to move on, which of course doesn’t mean Scotland, Northern Ireland or Gibraltar needs to leave as we all voted to remain. My fear is that in this election critical thinking will be replaced by how loudly one’s own echo chamber can shout and long term goals will be replaced by short term power. Damage done now will last beyond the next five years, so I ask people to think carefully about what they want and vote with the party/candidate who best matches what you want. Remember, you’ll have to live with your choice so no voting X because your ma and da did but vote for who and what you think will work for your goals.

It’ll be tough and I doubt people will escape tribalism, but tribalism sees us doomed for generations. You all have five weeks to make your mind up.