Happy birthday Cartoonist Kayfabe

Comics in the media is a minefield. Comics on YouTube is slightly betteronce one wades through the endless ‘geek’ sites featuring a host desperate to be seen by a major channel, or endless lists of comics, or videos like ‘Why XXXX is REALLY bad!!!’.Sure, there’s some good sites out there (and more of them another time) but comics are mainly served badly by YouTube. Stuff like What Culture does fuck all for the medium, nor do I think those involved with channels like that care about comics.

Then a year ago came along Cartoonist Kayfabe featuring cartoonists Jim Rugg and Ed Piskor. Their first video was about Wizard #1

From these beginnings, the channel has grown into the best comics channel out there anywhere on the internet. A big part of that is down to Piskor and Rugg’s complete enthusiasm and love for the medium of comics, and no, not just the usual suspects but things like early Image and 80’s black and white independents, including from the likes of Aircel.

Because the pair love comics, and because they’re coming to comics from a different perspective, even an auld hand like myself is learning things about how comics are created, marketed, sold and with things like their history of Wizard, I learned a few things about a time in comics which history does badly, and that my brain cells have lost memories of.

In short, if you have a genuine love of comics then you should be watching this channel which you can find here. Go over there now and join in their first birthday celebrations!

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