The 2019 Christmas general election starts here!

As of midnight yesterday Parliament was dissolved, and there are no more MP’s, just candidates as we head towards next month’s election. So for a first day everything should be easy steps, especially for the Tories who are so far ahead in the polls against an unpopular Labour Party they should be cruising. Yet, these are the Tories. They fuck up. From Jacob Rees Mogg’s ignorantly offensive Grenfell comments to shit editing of interviews through to James Cleverly showing that he’s unable to live up to his name, the first day has been a clusterfuck from the Tories.

This is hopefully a sign that they’ve not learned from 2017’s campaign which was the worst I’ve seen from a party in my lifetime which is saying something. It is however early days, and there is five weeks until polling day so whether this is remembered by people in the polling booth remains to be seen but as a start it is good to see the Tories totally fucking it up.