”Man-Gull” is the greatest comic I’ve heard of this year

A big thanks to Cartoonist Kayfabe for pointing out the glory that is Man-Gull.


This should explain more.

Man-Gull is published by Stock Pile Comics, and is the vision of creator Rian Millar. Here’s the synopsis…

Normally, a double dismembering would draw the attention of every law officer in the small town of Pleasant Point. However, with a string of serial kidnappings keeping the majority of the police force busy, the weight of this bizarre case falls solely upon the shoulders of Detective Nick Obecks.

Who is behind the disappearances of multiple young women? What would compel someone to cut off both of poor John Moxon’s arms? And where is Nick going to sleep now that his girlfriend has kicked him out?

I NEED to read this, but seeing as shipping comics from the US is exceptionally expensive for single issues so I’m putting out a word as to how many people I know who want one of these beautiful gems before getting a load over.  Til then I await the glory of the Man Gull!