Five more weeks of election misery.

All the leading parties have now launched their election campaigns and are probably right now chapping your door asking if you’d vote for SNP/Lib Dem/Green/Plaid/Tory/Labour/UKIP and on and fucking on as we hit that dead zone between campaign launches and the meat of a party’s campaign, their manifesto. Once we get that, then the hard work begins as we work out just how little the party involved will pay attention to their promises but this election is about Brexit. This also means working out what party would be best to achieve your Brexit goal.

So that means wading through literal piles of shite. For some parties their position is clear. SNP, Greens, Brexit Party, UKIP, Alliance, Plaid Cymru, DUP, and SDLP are perfectly clear; in or out. Tories are a Brexit party but they’re literally a party splitting in two with both sections quiet for now while the election runs but will be biting great big fucking chunks out of each other on the 13th of December. Labour are also a party of Brexit (some might say ‘nuanced’ but the position is going down like beds full of bloody shite with Remainers and Leavers), and are also literally ripping themselves in two but aren’t hiding the fact for the election period choosing instead to expose all their dirty linen in public. Then there’s the Lib Dems who are just fundamentalists in everything, be it Brexit, their Tory-lite policies or their Unionism.

And we’re in a place where we have five weeks to decide how the future of the UK goes from this utter sitshow.